Because we care about your health…

• Radiography cabinet, kwhere all types of radiographs, both analog and digital, are realized with the highest quality. The cabinet is also equipped with emergency equipment, so needed in special cases.
• Mammography cabinet, where the examination of mammography is realized
• Dental Radiology cabinet powered by two devices for dental and oral radiographs, the latter being both digital with all the options.
• Radioscopy cabinet , where simple radioscopy and radiographs with serial print are available. In this cabinet also carried out small interventionist radiology interventions like aspirations, directed punctures etc.
• Echography cabinet, where all ultrasound examinations of the abdominal, glandular and soft tissues are performed, both with the usual ultrasound and with Doppler-colored ultrasound or Power Doppler.
• Digital image processing cabinet, where computer processing of digital radiology images is realized.
• Film processing cabinet, where analogue radiographic films are processed with automatic equipment to ensure maximum quality and shorter processing time.
• The Clinical – biochemical laboratory cabinet, where a wide range of clinical and biochemical analyzes of routine and specialization is carried out.

All consumables used as films, reagents, solutions, etc. have the highest and most contemporary quality.